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"Zazzles Persians!" Zazzles is a small cageless cattery in the heart of Niagara, Canada.  We would love to keep all our kittens but that just isn’t practical.  So we have decided to breed our kittens with Champion and Grand Champion blood lines to give them the best start possible so they can be adopted out to credible breeders and show catteries and the best possible pet homes.  All our cats are DNA tested PKD negative and their certificates are posted beside their pictures, so far we have had no incidence with FELV/FIV or FIP and hopefully never will.  All kittens are vet checked, they also have their first set of vaccinations and will stay with us for 2 weeks minimum after their check up just in case any difficulties arise.  All kittens come with a health guarantee from all proven genectic diseases for 2 year after the date of purchase.  We are registered with the Cat Fancier Association (CFA) and Canadian Cat Association (CCA) all our kittens are registered with both associations.  Right now we are working with Bi Colours, Calicos and Chocolates, as such we can achieve kittens of just about every colour in the rainbow(well we don't do purple, yellow, blue and green). We strive for the CFA breed standard for Persians but occasionally we have pet quality kittens that we still offer with full registration but on a pet contract to ensure the kittens are altered.  These kittens still have all the wonderful personality traits that are associated with the breed but do not meet the breed standard for looks.  If you have ever wished there was a cat that was more like a dog without the extra attention a dog needs, the Persian is just what you are looking for.  These are very social, laid back funny cats that adapt to nearly any environment.  Zazzles is a rewarding world of people, cats and dogs living together and making it work.  We have a Newfoundland Dog, Kuma who although a boy, adores kittens and protect them as his own.  We also have several rescue cats that are all altered and protected just like the Persians.  WE LOVE THEM ALL.  We have a cat run outside that all the cats have access to, some use it, some don’t.  If you aren’t sure about a purebred Persian  (as their coats can be a lot of work) please consider adopting from your local humane society.  If you have a very busy lifestyle a senior cat may be a great option for you!.  If for any reason your new kitten does not work out for you they are always welcome to come back to us. 

Terms & Conditions

All our  kittens are sold on contracts with a 2 year health guarantee from hereditary diseases and our PET kittens are sold on spay and neuter contracts only.

Past Kittens

We love getting pictures and stories of any kitten that has left our cattery.  Please visit us on Facebook and leave a picture and story about your Zazzles Kitty.